Thursday, April 30, 2009

pffft. Three hours

Thinking I should rename this thing. But then again, this has been pre-identified as the lazy end of the season, maybe I'll make up for it later. I'm at twelve & a half minutes a day - in fact, most of that time has been harvesting the food. You know, it really takes time to poke those chickens enough to get them off the eggs after they've gone to bed at night.

I was expecting that we'd be getting close to the lots-of-effort-for-no-eggs time of the year. One of my friends suggested the "chicken-soup-for-winter-and-two-new-layers-for-spring" approach, but they've been craftily putting any such thoughts out of our minds with 17 eggs in the last 11 days.

Aside, since our last little chat, we've brought in 1.2kgs of Red Capsicum, a half kilo of purple beans, a few handfuls of snow pea, over half a kilo of cucumber, and dried a good half kilo of basil for winter.

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