Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let's make an Orchard

OK, I know, its been a while. If my blog was as good at taking care of itself as my garden, at least there would have been a few posts in the preceding few months - albeit splashed with an array of garbled, nonsensical words (I'll have you know we've been harvesting carrot, broccoli & kale; albeit splashed with an large array of random weeds). But we've been away - and as with any time away, all the post-trip weekends have been full with all the stuff you weren't doing on holiday. Enter blog post.

But in return for absolution, I have something wonderful to show you. As you may have seen in the past; my yard used to look like this:

Take a minute to cast your eyes over it. Imagine you are the wind blowing through the Murrayas, or the chemicals leeching from the treated pine into the soil. Oh; how serene. But there's one (...many) problem(s) with this picture.

Have you ever tried to eat Murraya?

Yes. Well. Take it from me - it doesn't go well in salads or stir-fry. It isn't even nice fresh off the plant. Specially not the arsenic-fed varieties. The day of reckoning had arrived for the corrupted souls of these Murrayas. Give me a hallelujah, brother!

But why stop there, you rightfully ask. Well, let me save you the suspenseful tension I know is building in your shoulders right now. I did stop there.

And let two very capable landscapers take over.

No, I had amassed my minions and prepared to take back what was rightfully mine. I was going to cleanse this land of its filth, and stop at nothing to do it! Out with the pine!

Of course, every crusade has its low points, and mine was no exception. My beloved lawn was quickly converted to trenches; and the only thing missing from the scene was the odd shell exploding, the distant sound of gunfire. But alas, the end is in sight!

Observe! We've had a double-brick rendered wall built in its place, and you'd be pleased to know we're now getting very closed to the orchard part.

Just what we'll be putting in, and where we'll be putting it is the biggest point of contention these days. But it is certainly going to involve some apple trees, an avocado, a mango. Maybe some plums. Maybe a few vines. Stay tuned!

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