Sunday, August 30, 2009

An update on the Weed Fabric of Awesomeness

Had an absolutely back-breaking weekend. While I reckon for the longest time now my weekly average has been well under one & a half hours, its weekends like this that really bring the averages up. Its that time of year.

Back in may, I first wrote about the weed fabric of awesomeness. Well, today my orange trees needed a feed; and it was time to pull back said fabric and have a bit of a look-see at what was going on under there.

By all accounts; its done an epic job. I haven't weeded this patch of ground since may, and it still looks like a million dollars (i.e, not post-apocalyptic, like the rest of the plot). Some evil has crept through in places, but nothing that couldn't be fixed in ten minutes. Its been a massive saving of time.

Underneath, the soil is fairly compacted, but very moist - and there's a lot of worm trails in the topsoil. Also notably, the roots of all that is evil still run just underneath the fabric: Pennywort runners. 90% of these sat on top of the soil, and lifted easily out of the ground. I even start to wonder if I keep this up, I might overcome my greatest Nemesis; at least in this bed.

Overall, I'd say a big success. The orange trees are really happy, with tonnes of new shoots getting larger by the day. Not bad for $9.


  1. Hi Greg,
    A great idea for a weed mat is really thick newspaper. I have done this down at my allotment. put it down real thick and wet it then i put straw or sugar cane mulch on top and wet that. Today i went down to plant some pumpkins and moved the paper away to find no weeds and fantastic moist soil.
    Dont' u just love it when u get a success in the garden.

    Cheers Donna.

  2. Cheers Donna,

    Unfortunately my biggest problem is that I don't come across too much newspaper (only the local rag that gets delivered by default) - so I have to use it in focus areas of the garden for weed control (it works great in my worm farm too!) I'm getting so many beds now (and the pennywort is so relentless), I rely on a whole bunch of different ideas.

    I'm very seriously looking at building/trailing some wicking worm beds ( as a solution to many problems, include my Pennywort infestation. A lot of fellow bloggers seem to have had very positive results with it. If it works; I'll take the idea to every bed in the garden and completely cut off the entry points of the runners.