Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dessert Corn in On!

Just now removed the first ear of dessert corn from our forest of corn stalks. Today marks the beginning of a month of sweet corn on a nightly basis. This is from the crop I planted back in September. I've since been away a couple of times; and left the corn, well, pretty much to its own devices. During this time they've survived on rainfall and solitude. Of course if you know me at all well, that makes it a vegetable close to my heart.

I was most surprised to find some pesky caterpillars where eating into the husks of these guys this year - I caught a few culprits trying to chew into this fine specimen a week or so ago when I peeled back the husk to see how ready it was. Which was lucky, because I don't usually peel the husks to find out how well formed they are - because the trailing hairs from the top of the cob would usual give a pretty good indication. Well, something has been eating them this year, too. But as long as those cheeky bloody cockatoos don't discover them, I'm happy.

The corn I grow is a hybrid sweet corn; which is really as good as I'm making out. I would happily eat it for dessert any night. Will go well with a serving of the vegetable cannelloni I can smell wafting from the kitchen. With fresh Zucchini, you know.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Our first Zucchini

The wife says: "If I saw a Zucchini like that in the store, I'd buy it."
I say, "You ain't going to find a Zucchini like that in the store."