Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fifty litres of Moo Poo

With the wife having spent the last few days battling the snots with a Kleenex militia, I figured today would be a good day to drop a bovine fragrance bomb in the backyard. To do this any other day would surely have her carefully guarding her personal space with a twenty foot pole, lest I come too close after spreading the good turd. Today however, taking good advantage of her current condition, there would be none of the usual hoo-har.

As I may have mentioned earlier, sieving the soil in last week's assault had the desired effect of removing every rock particle larger than a freckle. It unfortunately also removed everything good about the soil, which only come in packages larger than a freckle. My carrot bed was now a dusty, arid wasteland - but nothing half-a-stampede of moo-poo couldn't improve.

And so a handful of carrot seeds finally scatter over the soil. This year I'm putting in a row of generic Yates all-season carrots, and a row of purple carrots because everyone likes variety. Carrots are awesome because they keep for ages, and no matter what that idiot said last Thursday - they're very easy to grow. Behind them in the rocky wasteland I've stuck in a row of onions and a row of silverbeet, in a wild attempt at companion planting. The three crops draw nutrients from different levels of the soil, and should hopefully give each other some measure of protection against the usual suspects that find their way into the garden in plague proportions. The plums won't mind, they're heading off to bed now.

Its a late start to the season, but we're rolling now.

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