Saturday, June 26, 2010


This afternoon I turned up the fattest curl grub I've ever seen. Grubs are an unlikely source of garden entertainment, but let me tell you they never fail to disappoint. And as far as lawns go, ours is a gold mine.
Now you may be thinking this had something to do with waggling said grub in the wife's face while making comical noises of repulsion. Yes, that's fun too. But today, I felt like a bit of bloodsport. 
Open the gates! Release the lions!

Its easy to understand the immediate attraction such a tasty nugget would have on such ferocious birds of prey. Sure, not seconds earlier they were pecking at their own excrement, but let that only be proof they know a better hunt when they see one.
Fierce competitors, they jostle for position. 
Wings folded. Ready to dive.

And certainly such a delicious morsel is far too good to share. When your opponent is too fast, one must learn to quickly change tactics. The cunning thief sneaks in for a surprise attack.

But is far too fat for grace and speed.

Let that be a timely lesson to chickens who eat far too much and lay to few eggs.

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