Friday, August 27, 2010

Wife-appeasing carpentry

In what can only be described at a poor attempt at before-and-after photography, allow me to show you only the after of my latest work of wife-appeasing carpentry.

Once upon a time when I'd dig up carrots or potatoes from the plot, I'd happily stroll them into the house wearing a self-satisfied smile - all the while oblivious to the trail of dirt that would lead through the garden, across the back room and into the kitchen. At first this wasn't a problem - because the carrots smelled so fresh. But I knew its appeal wouldn't last far beyond a few runs of the Dyson.

So, some time ago I picked up a kitchen sink off free-cycle. It sat maturing in a dusty corner of my man-cave while I contemplated some of the greater mysteries of life - waiting for the time when it would become apparent that fresh food wasn't going to offset the mess in the kitchen any longer. That day came in the form of being chased from the house with a dust pan and a barrage of bad language.

And so this is what a few sleepers and re-cycled fence wood can do for you. All in all, it would have been a day's work if your average power drill could drive in more than five screws for a six-hour charge.

I guess she'll now have to find something else to be annoyed about.

Monday, August 23, 2010

What a difference six weeks can make

At one point I was ready to throw it all away. After a dream first season of Broccoli, I got hammered hard with caterpillar and possum last year, only to have this year's crop decimated in the first few days. Most people struggle with whether to eat their broccoli stems or not. I didn't even have that choice, it was stems or bust.
I've battled slugs, caterpillar, and god knows whatever else that lives in the garden and chews. What a difference six weeks can make. Hell, this broccoli looks like the stuff you see on gardening shows that vaguely reminds you of the last time you noted how different a McDonald's hamburger looks on the menu board.

And while this head of broccoli might grow to be a bit bigger than this, I prefer not to tempt fate or the possums  - and buy in while the going's still good.

And it was good.