Saturday, December 18, 2010

Out-of-body experiences

I think I just had the closest possible thing to an out-of-body experience you could possibly have without doing something that is illegal in most countries.

I ate this plum.

In fact, I only ate half of that plum. The wife was standing next to me with the other half, discovering nirvana. It wasn't until I finished the plum that I realised there was purple juice running the length my arm - it was a measured effort not to lick it up. Okay, so maybe I licked a little.

Its the first piece of awesome gifted to us from our Mariposa plum tree. I only put it in last year, and typically you'd remove the fruit in the first few years to let it put some growth on. But I decided to let it fruit this year because I don't like the thought of it becoming the giant it wants to be. I'm certainly not regretting this decision now - twenty minutes later, and the syrupy sweet goodness still lingers at the back of my mouth.


  1. Sounds like it was pretty wonderful!
    Homegrown is soooooooo much better than things from the market. I had a similar experience the first time I grew carrots. Who could have imagined a carrot could be so.....divine!

  2. I'm used to the kind of plum that you buy at the shop and think - "hmmm, yeah. I see why they call it stonefruit". These were so succulent.

    Completely agree on the carrots. There are mornings where I can loose time by walking out to the carrot beds, waving my hands through the foliage and just taking in the aroma.