Friday, August 19, 2011

Finishing some "unfinished"

If there's one thing the wife absolutely loves, its got to be the way the yard is littered with half finished projects. Its not just because it gives it an abstract, new age feel, or because the ironing got done. I figure it could have something to do with my euphemistic interpretation of the way her face contorts when I suggest starting another something new. But no matter how much it makes her happy, every now and then it really starts to bother me, and so sooner or later I get around to starting an end to a project.

At some point in the last two years I must have gotten distracted. Because shamefully that's how long its been since we replaced our treated timber retaining wall, and how long some of these gaping holes have been waiting to be filled.

So to start, I had to do something that would distract the wife from the certain distress that would come from completing something that was unfinished. Its a few boards of stained decking timber, so you could say its my back deck, but in truth, its supposed to more closely resemble the function of a seat. What's better, the gaping hole is only covered, not filled, and the seat is removable - so aside from me being able to keep it out of the weather, I can return to the gaping-hole look whenever I want! 

She was so delighted with the result, there wasn't even a hint of a complaint.

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