Thursday, September 15, 2011

Consistency and Obstination

Avid followers of my garden would know that there's only about one thing that I do with any consistency on the plot - and that's miss the start of spring. With months to co-ordinate and prepare my attack, something always seems to happen in the middle of August and, oh look. It's half way through September and I don't have a single seed in the ground.

I've had a whole host of excuses over the years, and this one is no exception. A couple of weeks ago I hired two new gardeners - and while they might still be a little green and need a lot of training, I'm still hopeful they won't turn out to be quiet the garden pest many might make them out to be. But by far the best thing about the whole situation is that I can finally use my Tonka gardening tools without attracting any of the strange looks I have in the past.

So you might say I'm also a little behind on the spring maintenance, and with the bit of extra heat in the air, the plot has taken the opportunity to revert to wild. For instance, take a look at my onions. Look at them.

This picture is the very embodiment of what this blog stands for; plants that cling for dear life against a tide of malignant growth while I'm off doing something else. I'm sure you can probably eat some of these weeds. I'm also sure you probably don't want to. Lets face it, the bed looks like a green manure crop, ready to be slashed down and dug in. Its probably what I should be doing to it. But I'm in an obstinate mood today, so I decided to procrastinate a bit more on the seed sowing.

And what I've got now is a sorry bunch of straggling brown onions that somehow managed to escape my less than precision weeding. Not a bad survival rate for a plant that's not supposed to enjoy a bit of friendly competition. But every spring has to start somewhere, and I do have a little more time to give to it this week. And hey, it's still September - that means, really, spring has come early to the plot this year ;)

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