Saturday, September 24, 2011

Final score on the carrots and parsnip

Its a bit of a mixed bag from the carrot / parsnip patch today. I pulled all the carrots (since they keep really well) and found a variety of shapes and sizes - from baby to baseball-bat. A decent crop though, all very usable specimens - about a month's worth, I'd say.

Sadly some of the parsnips were totally forked, which not only makes them harder to use in the kitchen, but extracting them from the ground is less of a pull, and more of an archeological dig. Their soft flesh damages very easy, and the small forks will sooner break than release their hold on the ground. They grow this way whenever they hit something hard in the soil - these two (pictured in the middle) were right on the edge of the area I sieved last year, specifically to prevent this. Since there's also a few really good ones in there, I'm hopeful the rest will be, too. I only pulled up four today because I reckon parsnip will keep much better in the ground than out of it.

Having never grown parsnip before, I have to say I'm pretty happy with the result - even though it's taken five months to get to this stage. But that's not so bad, since they're not supposed to grow over the Sydney winter at all. Lets hear that score again, shall we? Me: 1, Packet directions: 0.

This is the last crop I'll put in the plum bed - the roots of the plum trees are starting to interfere with the growing area of the carrots. It's also stopped me from properly feeding the plums before their spring growth.

Its definitely time to start thinking about carrot planter boxes.

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