Thursday, May 17, 2012

In my defense...

You may have noticed that things around here have been kind of... slow... of late. Or rather, you may not have noticed anything at all - which is really the same thing, except that you haven't been eagerly hitting refresh on my blog like it was the last sixty seconds of an eBay auction. Be that as it may, the point is I haven't been writing so much recently, which may lead you to think I haven't been gardening that much recently - and so I'd like this opportunity to inform you that you're only partially, even if mostly correct.

Some of my most vocal critics would be wallowing in smug joy that their prediction may have reigned true - "you won't be able to garden after you have kids". I'm sure nothing I can say would deter them from now making this conclusion, but in my defense there's been a lot more than just that going on to draw my time away from turning the soil - most notably I've taken some good, but time consuming opportunities to have a greater social impact on the local community. In fact, I could even say that I have indeed been doing plenty of gardening, just not in my own garden.

With most of my spare time now filled with other projects, I'm afraid the home garden has become somewhat overgrown. It's still a erratically productive space though, with the herbs growing unassisted, oranges and lemons coming along, and a pumpkin vine which extends over half the yard and into the plum tree (with a resulting butternut pumpkin that made up the entire yield of that plum tree last season). Tomatoes grow wild, hidden behind the overwhelming wall of grass and weeds.

 It seems sad that years of work should stagnate in this way, however for now, there doesn't seem like any other way. But I will make my triumphant return one day.

And that just leaves the question of this blog. I've poured a lot of time into it over the years, and admittedly I have at times felt like I was talking into an empty void. Often there's been little other reason than posterity to keep it flowing. So I come to the point where I wonder; if I return to the garden, do I return to the blog? To be honest I just don't know.

You might just have to keep hitting refresh.

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  1. I've often thought of giving up blogging, but the simple fact is, it is a record for myself--what works/what doesn't, what is ripening and when. So never give up your blog---think of it as your garden journal with the added benefits of pictures.

    As for the garden, you'll get back into it when the time is right. That, or when you want a REALLY good tomato again.