Thursday, August 30, 2012

My yacon has been posted

(3:09:10 PM) Me: My yacón has been posted. Should be here in a few days.
(4:06:15 PM) The Wife: Your what?
(4:06:28 PM) Me
: My yacón
(4:06:48 PM) The Wife: What is that?
(4:06:54 PM) Me
: A breed of alpaca.
(4:07:20 PM) Me: ... would you be upset if I had some alpaca on their way to our house?

(For the record, yacón is actually a tuberous perennial plant)
Some twenty minutes later: 

(4:27:23 PM) The Wife: Oh, its that ground apple thing  

Life just isn't as fun when she has access to Wikipedia.

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