Saturday, September 29, 2012

A few updates

If you hadn't been able to tell from the eight posts I've made in the last thirty or so days, I'm well and truly back in the garden. And I'm enjoying it - even ignoring the fact that 6am is about the only time of the day I get a quiet twenty minutes out there. I've been up at 6am a lot.

Here's how things are looking out there.

The plastic trellis I set down around the orange trees is definitely doing its job. I've still only been letting the chickens in intermittently, but they're perfectly able to keep the area free of weeds without bringing about the destruction of my citrus crop. However, anywhere without trellis is turning into a deep trench, so pretty soon I'll be extending this little experiment.

The Sacred Basil started shooting this week after a long, tense wait. I'm even pretty sure that is basil - and not just some random weed that found its way to the pots on the wind.

With two additional bottomless pits of food consumption in the house now, we're producing mountain-loads of kitchen scraps - I regularly add a 4-6 litre container's worth each and every day. And so when I turned the compost this morning, I found I had something I've never had before in the history of the plot. A steaming pile of... compost. The heat generated is amazing, and will hopefully kill any seeds mixed up in there - it may be well the first compost I've produced that doesn't freely propagate tomato. Its a touch wet in there, so I'll be adding some more dry material soon. But just look at that black gold down there.

I've planted pumpkins around the yacon - these are of the gigantic type that Grandma-of-Legend always sends us home with. The pumpkin these seeds came from kept for six months and took us two weeks to finish. There's a great reason I've planted these here - the towering form of mature yacon should shade the pumpkin from the worst of the summer heat - and located along the western fence, they'll be protected from the worst of the late afternoon inferno.

That's if they survive that long through the usual slug apocalypse.
Talking about the yacon, it's just popped up out of the soil. It's centre frame - please quietly ignore all the weeds around it.

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