Thursday, September 6, 2012

Liberating sacred basil seed

After months of staring indifferently at this tray of dried basil flowers, tonight I finally started liberating the seed to much fanfare (which in this case really boiled down to the Wife's stern why-is-that-still-there look reducing to the slightly more moderate, well-it's-about-time look).

I probably could have been much more time efficient, just crushing and burying them shallowly beneath the soil, but all this warm weather does something funny to my motivation - I'm carefully separating them this evening.

It's also important to get this right, because it isn't easy to come by basil with just the right sweet flavour - and I know this one is perfect, because it came from the Eternal-Basil-Bed that is grown by Grandma-of-Legend. And the sacred basil must be treated with the correct respect.

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