Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Finally, a new fence

The new fence went in a week or so ago, with far less trauma than was expected. In fact, the guys who put it in for me made a huge effort not to destroy any of the garden around the fence, and even took the long way round-the-path-and-up-the-stairs, rather than just straight-through-the-herb-garden. Most impressive.

There was only a single casualty for the day - one of four lavender bushes gifted to me by Rognvald, ironically, to save them from roving, unchecked hoards of tradesmen unleashed in his own yard. I'm afraid to report that this pile of bricks doesn't seem to be attracting beneficial insects in the same way as the plant it now crushes.

But overwhelmingly, I can only see positive things in getting back this ten square metres of hopefully tradesman-free veggie-bed. The Colorbond this fence is made from should present far less of a challenge for attaching plant supports, or frames to support netting or shade-cloth covers. I'm already starting to formulate a hundred crazy little projects this change will facilitate. In the meantime however, its time to squeeze in a little more spring planting, methinks.

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