Sunday, December 16, 2012

A few little things

 If you've ever got some kind of mildew on your plants, you can bet you'll have a few lady beetles show up to help fight the fire. But as far as timing and attendance go, they're a lot less like the fire brigade, and much more like the demolition crew who come to knock down whatever didn't burn. This lone member of the cavalry is on the scene weeks after the infestation on my swedes. Luckily, the combination of removing dead & sick plant material, as well as spraying with milk really pulled the crop through. All that leaves is for the lady beetles to be aesthetically pleasing, I guess.

 Some miniature mangoes. I won't be keeping all of these, but I'm hopeful I'll end up with two or three.

This is what a sad yacon looks like. After two days without a kiss good-morning from the hose, it really didn't have a great time in the heat today. It'll bounce back after the drenching I gave it, but these ground apples are going have to taste absolutely amazing to get invited back to my garden. They're just so needy.

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