Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This season's winner in the Jalapenos Stakes

Well, I think the results are well and truly in for this season's Jalapenos Stakes. While there isn't a single happy looking plant on the form, it's pretty clear who made the finish line and who's still sitting in the starter's blocks.

Wombat's horse is on the left, mine is on the right - the top shots were taken in early December, and the bottom shots this week.
I really am bad at growing things in pots. My jalapenos' home is definitely too small, it didn't get watered enough and it's been slowly starving to death. In the time it took this impoverished green twig to shrink in size, a pumpkin vine has traveled over five meters and thrown up a few umbrellas over this desert island. My effort should serve to highlight  that the time-poor gardener probably only wants to pot things for the comical value.

However, three of the remaining six plants I put in the ground have really taken off, and are now laden with more ripening jalapenos than I could ever hope to use. I've occasionally kept them going with a bit of blood'n'bone & seaweed extract, but ultimately it just hasn't mattered if I haven't been so consistent with watering and feeding - because the root mass has so much more soil & moisture to work with.

So even if the Wombat's horse never runs another race, I think he might still be right for Jalapenos this year

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