Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two eggs in one

Today marked a new record in my coop: an egg of such massive proportions, it had me wondering whether an emu had broken into the yard for some overnight lodgings. I mean look at it - near enough to a hundred grams, surely that chicken should have needed an emergency cesarean to still be alive - it's got to be the poultry equivalent of giving birth to a toddler.

But all considered, my three birds are still alive, after a long period with only one bird on the lay. Having not been able to spot the bird that's walking funny, I can only assume that this egg is the result of a bird that's been blocked up for a while; mostly because we're back to two eggs a day of late. And lucky for them that they should be, these girls are now well into their third and - being Isa Browns - probably final season before I get in some new talent. Any stop in production at this point will guarantee them a promotion to chicken stock.

Meanwhile, I'm sure the wife is busy looking for a recipe that requires at least two eggs. I have to go figure out how this thing is going to fit nicely in the fridge - because as you can see, this egg carton ain't going to close any more.  

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